Monday, March 7, 2011

The Husband and I

So my husband asks me if we are doing anything for April 10th.  I tell him no since it's a Sunday and we don't make plans for that day.  He says good and that he is working on a surprise.  My husband can never keep a secret or surprise. This will be interesting!  When we got engaged we went to pick up the ring that we had made.  We used his grandmothers 100 year old diamonds.  Once we got into the car he couldn't stand it and we had to be engaged and have that beautiful ring on my finger.

This year for Christmas I received my Christmas present two weeks early.  I received a kindle since I love to read.  I kept telling him I was going to go to the second hand bookstore and get more reading.  He kept telling me not to because my gift from amazon was coming in a couple of days.  When I said did you get me a kindle? he says yes and stop buying books because I will be able to download them in a couple days lol!

It has been over 8 months since we have been married.  Time flies!  I  though I would share some of our pics together.  Can't wait until April 10th, I have no idea what he has planned.  Our anniversary is June 26th.


  1. Oh such festivities, surprises, and much love! Exciting. Found you on etsy forums on our team. Following you!


  2. Your husband is very sweet, and a Treasure!
    Congradulations on your marraige :)
    Being married is great! Its that one person who you can always count on in good times and tough times.
    Have a happy day!

  3. I found you through the Etsian Newbie team and just wanted to say that your engagement story is so sweet! You look so happy together. :)
    <33 Altogether Leather