Friday, February 18, 2011

Tree of Life Pendant

I'm a sucker for jewelry that people can relate to.  I came across the Tree of Life Pendant and new I had to try and make on myself.  I have added an easy tutorial that I found on the internet if you so happen to want to try to make one for yourself.  The meaning of the Tree of Life is found all over the world, check out wikipedia on the tree of life.

The Tree of Life symbol meaning represents different qualities/virtues like wisdom, strength, protection, beauty, bounty and redemption. It is also considered to be the symbol of 'Creator'. The tree is associated with the creator because it provides protection, supports abundant fruit production and thereby, regeneration. This analogy can also be used to describe the life of humans. We as humans develop 'roots' of our beliefs, 'branch out' by means of wisdom and the 'trunk' (mind & body) keeps them connected.

The Tree of Life meaning as perceived in different faiths, belief systems and cultures, resonates with a simple and strong message of unity. The Tree of Life symbol indicates that all forms of life are connected through a cosmic energy and that we as humans should live in harmony with rest of the living beings.

I found this while looking for some inspiration on the internet.  I love how this is a interesting way to use wire. This is defenatly a one of a kind peice to own.

I love the colors in this one.  Also how the wire looks so much like a trunk.  this is amazing work. 

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Making Tree of Life Pendant

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