Sunday, March 27, 2011

Etsy Seller Fela Photography

 The interview:

1. I'm a newbie! I've been on Etsy as a seller since January 27 of 2011 though I have been a buyer for almost a year.

2. My photography business is about portraiture (family pictures, children, events...). I opened a shop because I found it as a good alternative to sell my art photography which is my favorite one.

3. What inspires me is the possible stories behind and object or the subject; Why is it there? What is it doing? What happened? I have quite a vivid imagination so I can picture lots of stories from one thing and that puts me into play; I look at it from different angles, how it reacts to light, to my presence, to something else... The colors, the texture, the shape and how I can enhance it's beauty to show to the world.

4. In one year, I would like to see my shop very very active of course! Having at least one sell a day, satisfied customers and returning customers, offering a wide range of large format prints... Getting featured on Etsy's main page!

5. I can't live without my husband who's support and back massages have been amazing getting my business started, I can't live without my camera, my computer, or my car, which are my work tools of course, and last but not least at any point, God and his Creation which I try to portrait every day with all it's beauty.

6. My specials: Returning customers always get 10% OFF. If you live in Alberta, shipping is free and for limited time, Buy any print from my shop and get 1 (one) 4x6 FREE Print!

Here are some of my favorite photo's from Fela Photography.  Please take a look at her shop and if you find something you like please favorite that photo.
"Sunrise in the Cottage Land"

"Water Hopscotch Game"

"Embrace the Light"


  1. Thank you so much Michelle for the honour of being featured on your blog. Love it! :)

  2. Those are some great shots!!